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Building the New NY Bridge

Tappan Zee Constructors, consisting of industry leaders Fluor Enterprises, Inc., American Bridge Company, Granite Construction Northeast, Inc., and Traylor Bros., Inc., is pleased and honored to be selected as the design-build contractor for the New NY Bridge Project. In aggregate, the Tappan Zee Constructors team assembles the most comprehensive knowledge and experience in New York design-build execution. We have balanced this with HDR and other key consultants who have extensive knowledge of the Agency's requirements and organization, as well as the project stakeholders.

The key personnel we are assigning are some of the best in the industry with the most applicable experience for the Project. In addition, we have already established working relationships and familiarity of working with each other in the fast-paced design-build environment. Because we have already implemented key, design/build procedures together for quality and safety, we will be ready to be productive on Day 1. Since beginning our efforts in November of 2011, we have expended over 15,000 work hours making sure we understand the Project, the technical requirements, the project challenges, Agencies’ goals and commitments, and the expectations of the various stakeholders in the community.

We look forward to our continued partnership/outreach to the MWDBE/Small Business/Veteran Community and Tappan Zee Constructors is committed to providing meaningful job opportunities. Please visit our DBE/MBE/WBE/SBE and Contracting links for more information.

TZ Constructors was formed specifically to address the Agencies' and Governor's goals of delivering a "right-sized" project that will create jobs for New Yorkers, stimulate the economy, and deliver the infrastructure needed for future growth and prosperity.

Work begins on the temporary Westchester Trestle.